With over 20 years of marketing and communications experience Gian Luca is considered to be one of the major experts in the area of fitness.

Before creating MyEquilibria he founded an innovative technology company that became the biggest European library of new media fitness content and video courses dedicated to wellness.

Bringing together his passion for wellness and profound knowledge of social and lifestyle trends, Gian Luca founded the MyEquilibria project. By bringing together an international team of designers, industrial engineers, futurists, fitness experts and personal trainers, he managed to transform his ambitious idea into an industrial project, creating a brand new business model.

Gian Luca is a sports-addict himself. Skiing, track and field and soccer are just some of the sports he has practiced on a competitive level.

No matter where in the world he happens to be, he works out almost daily with some of the best personal trainers certified in Boxing, Calisthenics, and Functional training. In fact, it was during one of his trips to the Maldives that he first realized there was an unmet need for having a beautiful outdoor gym. A gym that would complement, rather than clash with the beauty of surrounding nature. Thus, MyEquilibria was born!

Gian Luca Innocenzi
Founder of MyEquilibria



Metalco is an unprecedented Italian leader when it comes to innovation, design and superior product quality.

Founded in 1984, Metalco is now known in over 4,000 cities across 32 countries for its new generations of products that range from award-winning outdoor furniture, to Tesla Supercharger stations, to Interactive Metro stations in Paris.

From the beginning, Metalco has positioned itself as a brand that didn’t want to be a part of price-wars and anonymity. Instead, it focused on enhancing the best features of traditional materials, including steel, wood and stone; and applying these to innovative products that help to transform cities into beautiful homes for their citizens and visitors.

MyEquilibria has been designed as a crucial part of this vision that aims to increase cities’ well-being and community wellness.


Industrial Partner



In the area spanning architecture and interior design, IL CANTIERE has been long recognized as the best interpreter of ultra-high performance concrete worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience in research and development applied to concrete materials, the company has successfully carried out thousands of projects and products that range in scale, sophistication and complexity.

Innovative use of UHPFRC (ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete) it has become an ideal partner for MyEquilibria, helping to translate ambitious ideas into solid, yet seemingly weightless installations.


Il Cantiere
Technical Partner



Wellment is the massive brainpower behind the content, marketing and exercise creations of MyEquilibria. Based in Miami, the company combines three disciplines: innovation, wellness and entertainment.

By integrating these perspectives, Wellment aims to create entertaining, yet strategic content for the next generation of health, fitness and wellness leaders.

To stay at the forefront of shaping new wellness dynamics, behaviors and workout protocols, Wellment has brought together a team of futurists, trend hunters, filmmakers, marketing consultants, and media experts.

Wellment also actively collaborates with innovative product development start-ups in the areas of fitness, wellness and digital.

Content Partner