Inspired by Nature, Enabled by Science



Vito Di Bari is an innovation designer who is changing the world through his cutting edge design solutions.

Vito has been defined as one of the three most important futurist in the world, along with John Naisbitt and Alvin Toffler. He uses scientific methods to develop creative solutions based on next generation technologies and the newest materials, aimed to increase the quality of our everyday lives. In 2007 Di Bari has written The Neo-Futuristic Manifesto and is unanimously considered the thought leader of the first avantgarde movement of the new century. He has been named “Big Thinker of 2014” by The Financial Times.

University professor of Design and Management of Innovation at Polytechnic of Milan and Bocconi University for over 20 years, Vito has advised over 100 corporations on strategies, communication technology, and design; he has been named Innovation Designer for the Expo 2015 by the city of Milan for its candidacy, and he has been Executive Director IMI at UNESCO, in Paris. Considered a world leading authority on innovation, Vito has published 10 books on innovation.

The Financial Times defined him as “the New European Guru of Innovation”; the Nobel Economics Prize winner, Kenneth Arrow, said, "Vito Di Bari engineers dreams. Concrete dreams, based on concrete facts”.




Many of MyEquilibria solutions have been inspired by Voronoi Diagrams, that just like Finonacci's ‘Golden Ratio’ sequence are found throughout nature. This is the secret that makes MyEquilibria wellness sculptures blend so well with the outdoor environment.

Final result? Technology and art that function in perfect unity, giving birth to a new generation of an outdoor workout experience that’s like no other. Experience which is more intuitive, instinct-driven and simply smart. Experience that is better by any measure.



The concepts of outdoor workout and art have coexisted in parallel realities for centuries. Yet they have never been integrated. Until Now.

MyEquilibria has been designed with enhanced bodyweight training capabilities and connectivity of the latest gym equipment. Yet it’s made to look and feel like an elegant, mesmerizing work of art.

Smooth concrete surfaces seamlessly meet steel components, guaranteeing maximum stability, safety and performance. Biomechanics of each installation and cutting-edge materials provide indisputable comfort, maximum training results and multi-sensory stimulation.



World leading designers use ‘affordance principle’, or mind’s unique ability to attribute certain action to an object’s form, to create products that are truly intuitive.

MyEquilibria is the ‘affordance’ of wellness.

The textures, forms and materials have been studied to trigger body’s fundamental instinct to stay active. The closer you get, the harder it becomes to resist the temptation to touch its smooth surface… to reach up and grip a metal bar… to climb its thick ropes.

Exercises that seemed difficult in the past, become natural with MyEquilibria.

It is design that talks directly to a body.
It is design that removes any subconscious inhibitions towards wellness.
It is design that helps to build momentum to exercise.

MyEquilibria is a new kind of gym that awakens our fundamental instincts. We engineered it to leverage the body’s innate intelligence, authentic movement, and the underlying drive to stay well, look well and live well.