MyEquilibria App has been designed to give its users premier access to their own digital personal trainers and highly personalized workouts.

We’ve created the most polished interface and packed it with intuitive social features to help you connect with like-minded people, ask question the top fitness trainers, challenge friends and simply have fun.



We have created an impressive library of expert-built videos that fall under MyEquilibria fitness protocol. It’s easy to create a customized workout program, by selecting difficulty level, your physical characteristics, wellness goals, or muscles you’d like to focus on.

From there things get even easier. Thanks to geo-localization and augmented reality feature of the MyEquilibria app can recognize what installation you’re standing in front. Then show you targeted exercises performed by a fitness expert on exactly the same MyEquilibria installation. The effect is similar to having a virtual personal trainer right there to guide you.


MyEquilibria app real time-tracking features, combined with smartphone and wearables’ sensors, help to automatically monitor your level of physical activity, including time, distance, speed, calories burnt and heart-rate (for AppleWatch).

App’s audio features, including music support and audio coach assistance make it simple to stay focused, push harder and track your progress.


Great experiences in life are meant to be shared with others. It’s true for great workouts as well. So we developed some amazing features that turn a ordinary workout routine into an adrenaline-pumping social event.

  • Challenge your friends, people nearby of current champions with just one click.
  • Get real time pep-talks from friends and supporters, following you live as you workout.
  • Share workout program, results and your rankings on social networks.
  • Video record your workouts and watch other people workouts as well.