Outdoor Bodyweight Training: Join an Epic Change



When it comes to achieving our health and fitness goals, nothing beats personal attention and customized workout approach created by premier fitness experts.

Since the foundation of MyEquilibria, over 20 personal trainers and life-long athletes have joined the team. Their unmatched expertise in conditioning, mobility, strength and bodyweight training has largely contributed to creation of MyEquilibria training program.

“The Personal Trainers industry is estimated to rise at an average annual rate of 2.7% over the next 5 years.” Source: [IBISWorld, 2015]

“The way we approach fitness is changing. The concept of natural movements vs. isolated muscle training is becoming increasingly popular. Most workout styles and weightlifting equipment no longer meet people’s expectation of a full body workout.
MyEquilibria workout programs combine cardio and strength training into one cohesive workout to guarantee long-lasting results. When you work out, you actually use the weight of your body against gravity to build strength, stamina, power, endurance, balance and agility.”



Thanks to the new health-tracking wearables and video-on-demand technologies have taken personal training a step further.

Licensed personal trainers from all over the world can now follow your workout routine in real time (or in person), providing actionable suggestions and accelerating workout progress, while avoiding injuries.

“We have worked hand in hand with designers, top fitness experts, professional trainers and a team of industrial engineers to create installations that are secure and technically accessible to all levels of preparation and all body types.
When you exercise you follow natural body movements that make you more athletic and healthier, not just muscular.”